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We have created plans for a variety of do-it-yourself projects (& we have a lot more on the drawing board). Our blueprints guide you step by step, elminating many hours of brain-busting headaches by providing you with well designed projects, each with full dimensions, and the detailed material lists needed to help get your project completed...soon!

Our plan sets are always checked by a licensed engineer so you know you can start building with confidence. Every Solid Plans plan set is printed full size (C, D, or E) on engineer's bond paper and delivered to you quickly. No squinting or fumbling through multiple little bitty pages to find the details you need. Of course, you can always post questions in our Q&A and let other builders help with your ideas.

But, you say, "...there are FREE plans out there, why do you charge for these?" We're glad you asked...if you take a look at some of the junk out there from sites trying to sell you something else, we think you'll agree that Solid Plans are worth the small price we are asking.

Once an order is confirmed you will be emailed an advance copy of the stock list so you can buy your materials now. You will be satisfied with the quality of your set of plans or you can return it for a full refund.

Note: If you have completed plans sets of your own (or even just a great idea) please submit them so you can start earning cash for every set sold. Use the link on the Contacts page to get started.

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